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Mission, Vision, Values

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”
– Nelson Mandela

Making A Difference

We inspire, empower and equip people to pursue personal and financial freedom.

We aspire to be a life-changing hope, wellness and education Center where people from all walks of life will experience personal and financial freedom.

In a world that is changing all around us, we are committed to fulfilling our mission and serving our clients effectively and in the spirit of excellence. At Winds of Liberty, there are seven core values and beliefs that will serve as a compass for our behaviors, decisions and actions.

Hope is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in your ability to grow and succeed. We also believe in our ability to understand your situation, provide the information you need and inject hope into your life.

We seek to know and do the right thing. We choose words and actions that are sincere and not misleading. We set high standards for our behavior and are committed to meeting those standards.

We embrace opportunities to contribute to your life in a positive way. We believe it is our responsibility to be helpful, conscientious and reliable.

Discipline creates the road map that turns dreams into reality. We bring passion and hard work to the table to help you achieve lasting change and success.

Growth is the process of maturing and developing. We assist you in developing new skills, tools and behaviors that will benefit you in achieving your life goals.

We carefully consider the decisions we make as well as the guidance and leadership we provide to you. We optimize and apply the resources available to us in the spirit of service to help you be successful.

Truth is the foundation for freedom. Discovering and embracing your truth will set you on the path for living an authentic life. We will work diligently with you to replace old truths with new ones that reinforce the change you desire.